Tuesday, September 10, 2013

First Post Ahh

Welcome! I get a lot of comments about the crazy and weird foods I love to make, so I decided to make a blog about them. I'm a huge fan of combination/ Franken food crossovers, weird food, and just about everything unhealthy. Here are just a few of my franken food crossover creations without recipes.

The chicken bacon ranch grilled cheese! This beauty has baked bacon with a homemade dry ranch seasoning. I made some fried chicken and put it in the food processor with the bacon and added it to a grilled cheese sandwich on Texas toast. Topped with the best topping of all, more bacon!

Then there was the western angus burger omelette me and my dad put together. This delicious omelette was stuffed with cubed bbq angus burger patties, cheddar cheese, a tiny bit of bbq sauce and crunchy fried onions for that western burger flair! Topped off with more of the filling for good measure ;). Don't let the looks fool you this was in the top 5 best omelettes I've ever had in my life.
And last for now is my pizza and popcorn crossover. I kind of cheated using microwave popcorn but it was a hit nonetheless. I popped the bag, removed the un popped kernels and got to work. Starting with a layer of popcorn, pepperoni, then cheddar cheese until I ran out of ingredients. Put the bowl in the microwave to melt it together and the result was gooey deliciousness! The butter, cheese, pepperoni combination hit the spot and everyone agreed.

I'm working to get some better pictures and recipes together over the next few weeks. Hope you liked these creations for now!